Et maintenant que je suis à peu près revenue dans mon corps, il se passe quoi ?

Je reste frustrée comme je le disais hier soir de me sentir encore et toujours coincée dans une optique de « manque », d’impossibilités, d’étroitesse, de non-appartenance (même si ce n’est pas exactement ça, c’est plus le sentiment d’être en rade sur le bas côté…. tiens, finalement, l’image qui me vient, c’est que je me suis fait éjecter du CEA qu’est le flot de la Vie et que je ne sais pas y rerentrer et pas moyen de trouver un Crush pour m’y replonger (je devrais arrêter de regarder Finding Nemo avec le mini, je crois))… contraste douloureux avec ce que je pouvais expérimenter aux alentours de 2009 à 2011.

Je me suis pris une claque énorme au moment de la naissance du mini, ou plutôt, juste après, et, sans le vouloir, à la suite de tout ce qui ne devait pas être ouvert, j’ai refermé… tout. Et je ne retrouve pas le chemin, je n’ai pas le bon couteau à huitre faut croire.
Ce matin, ça m’a pris comme… euh,comme ça… et j’ai tiré cinq cartes avec l’oracle Intuitive Life Coaching de Kelly Smith (oui, c’est une application android). Mon « problème » : « replonger dans le CEA » (bon, c’était pas formulé comme ça, mais c’était l’idée de fond). En découvrant une à une les cartes, j’ai senti un poids se lever, un barrage céder enfin….

The « Situation » card: (This card depicts the present situation or general theme of the reading.)

It is time for you to let your guard down and learn to trust again

MEANING: Things happen that cause us to put up walls, close up, and hide from the world in order to keep from getting hurt. The way to heal this is not through avoiding new experiences, opportunities, or people that come into your life. That will only keep the pain of the past alive. The way to heal this is through forgiveness: forgiving yourself and others. So, today, be willing to learn from the past and step into the present! Take all that you have learned from painful past experiences and use this knowledge to create a better life for yourself. TRUST that all of the people, opportunities, and experiences that are for your highest good will enter your life now. Take down your walls, let yourself learn from the past, and trust in the present! Go boldly out into the world and shine your beautiful light! Open your heart and let love in!

The « Emotional Challenge » card: (This card depicts the emotional challenge you may be facing.)

Your soul is guiding you to stand in your light and speak your truth

MEANING: Are your words scripted? Do you only say what you think others want to hear? Your soul is guiding you to stand in your light and speak up. You have something important to say that needs to be heard. This situation cannot get better if you are holding back and not speaking your truth. Your truth is more than just your words. In what ways do you compromise yourself? Do you deny what you feel, agree to do things that you don’t enjoy, or agree with someone in order to keep the peace? This card shows up to tell you that, in some ways, you have no voice. Your opinions, beliefs, and ways of doing things are taking a back seat to everyone else’s. This card could also mean that you have been conditioned to keep your opinions to yourself. Your opinions do matter! Speak up, this situation calls for it. When you do, you will have a renewed sense of self, and you may even open doors that were previously unavailable to you.

The « Solution » card: (This card depicts the possible solution to your question.)

Like the caterpillar that emerges from its cocoon, you are about to get your wings

MEANING: You are currently undergoing a transformation. This transformation has been taking place for quite some time. This card comes to you today to tell you that you are at the end of this cycle. Everything that you have experienced, and all that you have learned, is about to present itself to you in a way that causes your transformation to unfold. You are about to get your wings, so to speak. This is a time in your life when you will take all of your knowledge, your story, your hardships, your accomplishments, and put them into practical use and decide a new way to embark on your life’s path. You will begin to see the beauty in all that you have been through. This transformation is a beautiful thing. Where you once were unsure, you will now be clear. Where you once were insecure, you will now be confident. Where you once were unhappy, you will now be at peace. Where you once were lost, you are now found. Your transformation will be inspirational to others and at times they will wonder how you accomplished such an amazing feat. Enjoy this time, the epiphanies are about to be plentiful.

The « Coaching Advice » card: (This card gives you an advice about reaching the desired outcome.)

You are no longer letting people dictate your life and run it for you

MEANING: You are awake: you know who you are, what you want, what is most important to you, and how to achieve it. You know who you truly are on a soul level, and you are no longer letting people dictate your life and run it for you. What was previously hidden is now out in the open for you to see. You are no longer seeing the world through the same eyes. You are seeing the world in a new way: through your soul’s eyes. This awakening is truly inspirational for all those around you. You are inspiring others and leading the way for others to awaken to their true selves. The veil has been lifted and you are one of the awakened souls that are leading the way for others to awaken to their truth.

The « Potential » card: (This card depicts the potentials related to your question.)

You are learning that your capacity to love is directly related to your ability to love yourself

MEANING: You are learning to love yourself. You are learning to trust yourself, and, most importantly, you are learning that your capacity to love others is directly related to your own self-love. Everything you think and feel about others will change when you learn to embrace and love yourself. You can never truly be happy and content until you do. Let go of all of your judgments toward yourself and learn to see the Golden Buddha within. In your true essence, no matter what your life has been up until this point, you are a divine spark of light and love. No matter what you have been told about who you are, you are merely a reflection of what you believe you are in this moment and time. This card comes to you to tell you that if you want to heal your relationships with others, you have to start by healing your relationship with yourself. You are being asked to have compassion for where you are and where you have been. Deliberately and purposely start to re-define your relationship with yourself. To love yourself means to be good to yourself, to be kind, to do nice things, to forgive, and to see the beauty in who you really are. This is a journey, and, as your journey unfolds, be mindful that you are doing the best you can with where you currently are on your path. Have compassion, let go of blame, let go of the past, and let go of others opinions of you. Other people’s opinions of you are only a reflection of your opinions toward yourself. Love yourself unconditionally, because you are beautiful and worthy of love.

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