MEFC ~ The Oracle of The World

MEFC ~ The Oracle of The World

Besoin d’un point, d’un éclairage… Je ne suis pas chez moi mais qu’à cela ne tienne Madame Endora’s Fortune Cards me tend les bras depuis l’étagère de la bibliothèque (ah, je n’ai donc pas déménagé tous mes jeux de cartes). Envie d’essayer un nouveau tirage avec ce jeu, une variante approfondie du tirage que je fais habituellement (The Oracle of The Four Winds).
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This spread elaborates on the Oracle of the Four Winds by offering further insight into the spiritual and physical realms.

1 – Center : you or your present situation
The Oracle: Seek wisdom and guidance from elders
The Oracle is the supreme keeper of knowledge. Seek wisdom and guidance from elders. Consult books, teachers or knowledgable authorities. The oracle may also represent a sacrifice made in the quest for wisdom.
2 – North : the oracle of the spiritual realm pertains to dreams and tangible ideals, representing that which you aspire to.
The Maiden: A new relationship blossoms.
Young and naive, the maiden represents innocence hope and loyal friendship. She embodies purity and emotional longing. Heed the advice of a close and trusted friend. A new relationship blossoms.
3 – South : the oracle of the physical realm that pertains earthly pursuits and material concerns.
The Black Cat: Your luck will soon change
Enigmatic and aloof, the black cat is temperamental with affections. It is the symbol of mystery and superstition. Avoid unecessary risks. Your luck will soon change.
4 – West : the oracle of the past realm represents the setting sun or that which has been. This oracle helps us to learn from our mistakes or to avoid repeating negative situations, and is useful in deciphering and interpreting present and future events.
The Chimera: Imagination clouds your judgement
The Chimera represents an unlikely mixture or clash of ideas, a wild fantasy, or one who is imaginative but prone to daydreams and flights of fancy. Your pursuit may be unrealistic. imagination clouds your judgement.
5 – East : the oracle of the future realm represents the rising sun or that which is yet to be. This oracle is helpful in preparing oneself for oncoming events which are sometimes avoidable but more often inevitable.
The King: Authority and diplomacy
The King represents a dominant male figure. A distinguished and wise man, the King is a natural leader who can assess and take charge of any situation. He is, at times, a lawmaker and judge, and must balance power ith diplomacy. The King also represents great riches and inheritance.
6 – Northwest : represents a past spiritual or romantic influence.
The Satyr: Revelry and indulgence
The Satyr is playful, mischievous and prone to overindulgence. He is a symbol of music dance, revelry and celebration. The Satyr also represent decadent, lustful and lewd behavior.
7 – Northeast : represents a future spiritual or romantic influence you will encounter.
Seduction: passion and romance awaits
The enchantress foretells that passion and romance await. Unbridled sensuality weaves an irresistible spell. Your sex appeal is at its height. Secret fantasies manifest themselves through love letters and romantic gestures.
8 – Southwest : represents a past physical influence in your life regarding matters of health and money.
The Sphinx: choose your words carefully
The Sphinx poses a perplexing riddle. Your abilities will be tested. A difficult problem requires contemplation. Don’t act on impulse. Choose your words carefully and think before you speak.
9 – Southeast : represents a future influence you will encounter regarding matters of health and money.
The Chalice: Rejuvenation and fulfilment
The golden chalice is the symbol of rejuvenation, fulfillment and abundance. The chalice may also represent the end of a quest or the attainment of a goal.

Je reste perplexe. Certaines cartes me parlent, d’autres beaucoup moins.
Je retrouve The King, exactement dans la même position que mon tirage précédent… voilà qui fait partie des choses qui me semblent plutôt claires.
The Chimera me met en colère, je comprends sa place mais il me semblait bien ne pas laisser l’imagination mais plutôt « les signes » guider mon jugement…
Pas envie du tout de laisser The Maiden et Seduction me parler. Mais alors pas du tout.
The Black Cat lui me laisse perplexe: changer oui, mais dans quel sens ?
Quant au Sphinx, en tant qu’influence dans le passé, sans doute, oui, mais pas assez semble-t-il :(.
The Chalice est clair pour moi, dans le domaine professionnel (et financier…).
Malgré tout, ce tirage me laisse une impression bizarre. Peut-être me faut-il lui laisser le temps de m’imprégner ?

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