Awakening to the spirit world – Sandra Ingerman & Hank Wesselman

Awakening to the spirit world – Sandra Ingerman & Hank Wesselman

awakeningArrivé aujourd’hui, avec d’autres goodies pour mes loustics.
A mettre sur ma toujours grandissante PàL (Pile à Lire).

Présentation sur le site de Sandra Ingerman :

The word “shaman” means “the one who sees in the dark.” To practice shamanism is to open your vision to a world that is hidden from normal view so that you may enter the deeper reality of the unseen universe. With Awakening to the Spirit World, teachers Sandra Ingerman and Hank Wesselman join a circle of renowned Western shamanic elders to present a comprehensive manual on the oldest and most reliable human technology for accessing the realms of spirit.

The core of shamanism is the experience of direct revelation—to communicate first-hand with your spiritual allies and discover your own power. Awakening to the Spirit World takes you through each step of developing a personal connection to your helping spirits to receive wisdom, insight, and healing energy. From an overview of shamanism, to your first journeys and encounters with your power animals, to expanding your skills and insight through long-term practice, here is an in-depth resource for the shamanic arts that includes:

•  Creating rituals and ceremonies for healing and transformation
•  Reconnecting with nature to heal ourselves and the planet
•  Working with your dreams, songs, and artistic vision to strengthen your practice
•  Traditional wisdom for children—healthy rites of passage for each phase of a child’s journey to adulthood
•  Honoring the cycle of life and death—shamanic practices to prepare for and celebrate our final transition in this life
•  Building a shamanic community based on support and shared purpose
•  Insights and practices from renowned shamanic teachers Sandra Ingerman, Hank Wesselman, Tom Cowan, Carol Proudfoot-Edgar, José Stevens, and Alberto Villoldo
•  A CD of drumming and other shamanic instruments is included

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