The Goddess Tarot

The Goddess Tarot

Depuis 15 jours maintenant, je ressens quelque chose de bizarre. Comme si quelque chose était cassé ou manquait à l’appel. Assez indéfinissable finalement, mais j’ai cette certitude que quelque chose a changé.
Un nouveau tirage en ligne, pour essayer d’avoir une orientation sur le chemin à suivre.
Quelles pistes pour une relation de couple harmonieuse entre F et moi ?

Card 1 symbolizes the past
The suit of pentacles is associated with Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of fortune and prosperity. Pentacles, as gold and shiny as the sparkling jewels Lakshmi is so fond of, symbolize the riches contained within the earth. The suit of pentacles can be thought of as the grand harvest that arrives after we master the lessons of the previous three suits. Pentacles tell the story of the bounty of the earth—so often symbolized in many cultures as a generous earth goddess. Lakshmi, the Hindu personification of this fertile, prosperous, and distinctly feminine force, is honored to this day for these very qualities.

A new phase of life that promises prosperity, fertility and generosity. Attainment of material goals as well as contentment in personal life. Pleasures of the material world.

Card 2 represents the present

The suit of staves is related to Freyja, the Norse goddess of creativity, fertility, and beauty. Like conduits of the sun’s procreative force, staves channel energy to areas where it can encourage growth. Staves bring movement to a reading, much like the movement displayed by Freyja as she rides through the sky in her chariot drawn by magical gray cats. Pragmatic goddess that she is, Freyja is associated with the Aesir, a group of Norse gods and goddesses who came into existence with the Iron Age, when the first tools and weapons were developed with forge and fire.

Instability and struggle. While you may have the ultimate advantage in this situation, there is still conflict. Success is possible, but only after dealing with difficult people who oppose your plans.

Card 3 suggests the future

The suit of cups is associated with Venus, the Roman goddess of love and beauty. Cups symbolize the fertile receptive aspect of the Divine Feminine. Conceived and born of fertile sea herself, Venus is the bringer of joy to gods and humans as well as to the plant world. The cups proffered by Venus are an invitation for us to drink deeply of the magical water of life, love, inspiration, and pleasure.

Time to move on. Need for more substance in life — whether that be more satisfying relationships, a more authentic way of life. Leavetakings.

Card 4 suggests an overview

The suit of swords is associated with Isis, the Egyptian fertility goddess. Swords symbolize the incisive forces of the intellect; they cut through to refocus the energy grown in the preceding suit of staves. Swords also symbolize the magical ability to transform painful situations into areas of personal growth. The story of Isis and her consort Osiris illustrates this principle beautifully. Because of Osiris’s tragic death, Isis was able to give birth to their son Horus, the most powerful of the Egyptian gods. Like Isis, we can choose how to use our swords. We can turn them against ourselves when we are in pain. Or we can transform the situation through knowledge and understanding.

Feeling vulnerable. The ability to defend oneself in a difficult situation. Need for caution and examination. Be careful about using words that can be turned against you.

Le présent sous le signe de Freyja. Le mouvement, l’avancée, la transformation d’une situation difficile… Je vois dans ce tirage à la fois un encouragement et aussi une profonde tristesse. Je ne saurai dire avec exactitude ce qui me donne ce sentiment de tristesse dans les cartes tirées, mais il est vraiment très présent. Même si au final, tout est/sera pour le mieux.


  1. Aegiale

    Intéressant que tu parles de deuil… je sens comme une écho, faible, mais il y a quelque chose pour moi par là… Deuil de qui, de quoi, je ne sais pas, mais deuil, autre deuil, oui.

  2. N.

    Là tout de suite, je dirais « un truc à identifier puis à lâcher (abandonner)… », mais il y a une recherche à faire… peut-être une « dernière » recherche…

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