Des livres, encore…

Des livres, encore…

Reçus hier par la poste et entamés ce matin dans le bus, au moins pour le premier. J’ai même failli rater mon arrêt tellement j’étais plongée profondément dedans !!

Dancing the Dream Dancing The DreamJamie Sams (sur amazon).

The result of nearly twenty-five years of intensive study with two Native American dreaming societies, Dancing the Dream draws our attention to the four directions of the Medicine Wheel (East, South, West, and North) and the three unseen directions – Above, Below, and Within – and explains how each of these seven directions represents a specific path on the spiritiual journey. In the East, we encounter the first stirrings of the spirit; in the South, the healing of relationships; in the West, we work to build self-esteem; in the North, we learn wisdom and the opening of the heart; Above represents the world of spirit; Below, the earth; Within, full awareness of the present moment.Most people will walk these paths in sequence. Some will never make it through all seven. Many will continue to move forward but continue to double back on earlier paths until they get things right. But for those willing to walk all seven paths, there is the great reward of being able to see the world with the soaring vision of an eagle, fully aware and present to meet life’s challenges with vision, wisdom, and purpose.

Circle of LifeThe Circle of LifeElizabeth Davies & Carol Leonard (sur amazon)

Elizabeth Davis and Carol Leonard, certified midwives with fifty years’ combined experience as health care providers and healers, developed the Circle as a synthesis of their work in women’s health, spirituality and psychology. The Circle of Life draws on more than one hundred interviews with women of all ages who have found this model to be an inspiring and revolutionary path for more powerful living.
Women who have turned to feminist spirituality for appreciation of women’s ways of knowing have struggled with the confining concept of the triple goddess–Maiden, Mother and Crone. Where does a woman in her forties fit in? Beyond childbearing, but not yet ready to call herself Crone, she is at the height of her personal power. A natural leader, she is the Matriarch!

The Matriarch is the Queen of the Harvest–reaping the rewards of sustained effort in all aspects of her life. Elegantly self-possessed and sexually self-assured, she is poised to rekindle the passions, dreams, and spiritual inclinations of her youth with a mature intensity and a clear sense of direction. She represents the challenge facing midlife women today–how to take credit for their work, and make time for personally rewarding pursuits.
The Matriarch is but one of thirteen archetypes presented in The Circle of Life. From Daughter to Blood Sister, Mother to Amazon, Sorceress to Crone, this groundbreaking work reveals the grand pattern of women’s lives, rich and complex, beautiful and mysterious.

Note à moi-même…. Je dois avoir un programme partenaire amazon, ça pourrait être une bonne idée de faire les liens amazon appropriés…..


  1. Aegiale

    J’en ai un aussi, faut juste que je retrouve comment mettre les liens, que je prenne le temps de le faire quoi. Mais vu le peu de monde qui passe ici, je doute que ça soit intéressant pour toi que je me serve du tien : jamais encore eu une seule commande avec le mien (bon, ok, ne pas faire de lien n’aide pas, lol !).
    Le premier livre me fait vibrer, d’une force incroyable : une mise en mots de plein de choses que je ressens dans mes tripes et même dans ma tête mais que je n’arrive pas à formuler clairement à clarifier… là pouf, quelqu’un met des mots sur ce que je sens, c’est puissant, et ça m’aide aussi démêler les fils un peu en paquet de ma conception du monde.
    Je crois que je vais commander ce que Jamie Sams a écrit d’autre, je pense que c’est ce dont j’ai besoin là maintenant. Pas de hasard…..

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