The Dance of Who We Are

The Dance of Who We Are

Je suis en ce moment plongée dans le livre de Saïda Désilets, Emergence of the Sensual Woman. J’y trouve des pistes, des échos.
J’ai beaucoup aimé ce passage, à la page 27.

The word integrity implies that which is integral or necessary to maintain life. Imagine our truth (spoken or unspoken) as being the glue that binds us to our core. The more we honor that truth, the more we are in contact with our core. Conversly, the less we recognize our truth, the further away we move from the essence of who we are. Integrity is living by our own truth while remaining in alignment with the greatest good of humanity. It means honoring all aspects of ourselves while living honestly, in wholeness and in harmony with others. It also means speaking our truth with loe and power, without needing to be right or wrong, and living by our inner guidance and honoring life as it is. Finally, it means risking the loss of everything for the sake of maintaining our own authenticity.

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