Juste ce qu’il me faut…

Juste ce qu’il me faut…

Encore une fois, c’est chez Cerrydwen Asherah que j’ai trouvé ce dont j’ai précisément besoin.
En l’occurrence un livre.
Oui, encore un.
The Body Sacred de Dianne Sylvan.

From Publishers Weekly
Americans are not just engaged in wars on terror and drugs, says Wiccan priestess Sylvan. We are also waging a war against our bodies, trying to prevent our breasts from sagging, our faces from wrinkling and our buns from expanding. Sylvan, a self-proclaimed fattie, has had enough. Marrying cultural critique with user-friendly how-to, she urges readers to reject society’s insistence that they spend countless hours and billions of dollars trying to look thin and youthful. Rather, says Sylvan, women should embrace their bodies for what they are—incarnations of the Goddess. Above all, this book is practical. Sylvan suggests exercises and rituals designed to help readers live more comfortably in their own skins: envision five women who hate their bodies, and then note that these women probably look perfectly fine; meditate on Artemis, the divine huntress, an « intensely physical goddess »; tape a copy of Maya Angelou’s poem « Phenomenal Woman » to the mirror; dance or take up tai chi. What distinguishes this book more than anything is Sylvan’s sense of humor—she’s tackling a serious topic, but she’ll have readers laughing from page one. Pull-out quotes in the margins offer inspiring wisdom from women ranging from Eleanor Roosevelt to Alanis Morissette. (Oct.)
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Book Description
When you look in the mirror, do you see a Goddess?
For anyone who’s experienced a « fat day » or wished a doctor could make them younger, Wiccan Dianne Sylvan speaks candidly about overcoming body hatred and offers a spiritual path back to Divine femininity.

Sharing her own struggles with poor body image and self-acceptance, Sylvan explores how the impossible standard of female beauty has developed and endured. Emphasizing the Mother, the Healer, the Lover, and other archetypes of one’s relationship with the sacred body, the author provides a uniquely Wiccan approach to achieving a healthy, new self-perception as Goddess.

Pour moi qui ne vois de moi que 15 (oui, 15… S de K, pas la peine d’argumenter :p) kilos en trop, mon ventre tout mou tout flasque après trois grossesses… pour moi qui ai toujours, malgré mes récentes tentatives pour me réconcilier avec lui, vu mon corps comme juste une enveloppe trop souvent encombrante… je ne sais pas si cette lecture me fera le bien que j’espère. A voir.

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