Art en Vrac : 52 figments

Art en Vrac : 52 figments

Dommage que ça n’ait pas été reconduit pour 2007, l’exercice se révèle intéressant…52 figments, a creative exercice for 2006Figment [fig·ment] noun
1. Something invented, made up, or fabricated: just a figment of the imagination.
2. A contrived or fantastic idea; « a figment of the imagination »
Synonyms: creation of the brain, creature of the imagination, fabrication, fantasy, fiction, figment, imagination, invention, phantom of the mind, whimsy, wildest dream

52 weeks, 52 questions, 52 creations, 52 opportunities to think outside the box, make something up, ponder your most outlandish dreams and have some fun. At the beginning of each week for 2006, a downloadable pdf foldable mailer with a new question will be available here. Some questions will be silly, some challenging, some straightforward and some completely outrageous. Print the file, cut along the dotted line, create your answer – write it, draw it, collage it, anything goes – and send it in!

[52 Figments was created and is maintained by Christine Miller, aka Swirly Girl.]

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