AW : Notes de lectures – Un nouveau départ ?

AW : Notes de lectures – Un nouveau départ ?

Demain, début d’une nouvelle année pour moi.
C’est peut-être pour ça que je me décide à (re)commencer à suivre The Artist’s Way.

Voici mes notes de lecture pour la première semaine.

2 pivotal tools :
Morning Pages (MP): primary tool for creative recovery. To retrieve creativity, you need to find it and you’ll find it through three pages of longhand writing strictly stream-of-consciousness.
* MP are not supposed to sound smart (though they can be).
* No one is allowed to read your MP except you.
* You shouldn’t read yourself for the first 8 weeks or so.
* Just write and stick pages into an envelope
* Better put angry, whiny, petty stuff on the page than having it stand between you and your creativity.
* MP are nonnegociable : never skip or skimp, no matter what your mood is.
* Do anything (including writing « can’t think of anything to write ») until you have filled three pages.
* MP get us beyond our Censor to our own quiet center.

-> Logic Brain : thinks in a neat linear fashion. Perceives the world according to known categories. Survival brain : works on known principles so anything unknown is perceived as wrong and possibly dangerous. Logic Brain is our Censor.
-> Artist Brain : our inventor, our child. Creative, holistic brain. Thinks in pattern and shadings. Associative and freewheeling. Makes new connections.
MP teach
logic brain to stand aside and let artist brain play.  It may be useful to some to see MP as meditation.

The Artist Date (AD) : if you consider a radio analogy MP = out and AD = in (receiver – transmitter). AD is a block of tim set aside committed to nurturing creative consciousness, inner artist.
* Take no one on this date but you and your inner artist (view this a the equivalent of spending some quality time with your spouse).
* Commit yourself to a weekly AD.

Creativity Contract : sign the contract, maybe make a small ceremony for yourself, buy a nice notebook….


  1. DM

    C’est pas l’envie qui me manque de te suivre dans cette aventure… mais le temps, le temps, le temps…

    Alors je vais profiter de ton parcours pour rêver un peu !

    Bien à toi….

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